My Ex continues to be deeply in love with me personally. What’s the Correct Action To Take?

Reader Question:

My ex remains crazy myself and I also’m internet dating his companion. About four to five months beolder woman looking for sexe, we broke up with my personal date of seven months. We just were not right any longer. Now 30 days . 5 afterwards, he confessed he’s and constantly will like me.

Note: I’m a teen, so this is various dating than grownups.

What is the correct thing to do?

-Rebekah (U . S .)

Dr. Wendy Walsh’s Response:

Dear Rebekah:

What’s the “right” thing to do is actually an extremely various concern from exactly what “should” i actually do. This is simply not an etiquette question. This really is a question regarding your feelings, the feelings of your ex-boyfriend while the thoughts of their companion.

You have got rather a nest of emotions available right here, darling. The very best I can perform is to describe a few questions for you to consider.

First, when he had been the man you’re seeing, did you split up because you two weren’t compatible or because you skipped a way to find out some dispute resolution abilities?

And it is your ex really obsessed about at this point you, or perhaps you have become more appealing since you are holding hands along with his best friend?

And how about the purposes of his pal? Is the guy competing along with his buddy or being a conscious sweetheart?

We disagree with you about something. Dating for youths actually unique of dating for grownups. Every commitment we have affects each alternate relationship we’re going to have. We have been teaching ourselves become a good companion our physical lives.

Have you been learning how to be type, dedicated and honest while getting clear about getting the needs met? Or will you be bowing to challenges from guys in tries to feel “liked.”

My recommendation: Figure out who you will be, what you need and communicate that clearly to both teenage boys. It really is your feelings that issue right here.

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